The Pondering Moment

In coming

Is it not the going?
Is the difference worth noting?

But then you're all betting
that someday it needn't
be uttered

so then it flutters

the formation of this abstinence
i will stand here before you
like a rolling stone
withered but

i still breath

eternity is our home
and never have i heard her
closer than all the

making a mockery

and there it is

i am here, again.

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The Way It Works

Once you have felt it,
the love so deep,
the truth,
your whole being,
explains it to you.


Choice From Experience - Mac De'Jose

Really appreciate this quote.
Such a great way to say it to help me remember the obvious deception!

Choice From Experience - Mac De'Jose

regarding the human system
the exit passages that we use
to release waste
the product of food
provided by
your chosen
king or queen
are the entry passages that we use
to produce fruit
as is considered acceptable
by your chosen
king or queen

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My Perfect Day

Recipe for Perfection - Yoga, then Study, and repeat until new ground is found. Hempseeds and Caco nibs for Nutrition. YEH!


2012 Startling New Secrets

Quote Of My Day

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

Albert Einstein


Inspiration In Shadow -1

"Roman maxim - let those that can be deceived, be deceived"

Could it be, that those who live an abundant life at our expense, can only do so by permission?

Could it be that the so called forces of darkness only exist due to our allowance?

Try it for yourself.
Imagine exactly how you want your world to be...
If you were able to imagine/create/visualize it, it now exists!

Let us increase the awareness of this tool, enough excitement and it will automatically happen!


Bio Meta Expansion - The Pineal Gland

Many of us have been, from time to time, pressed to use modern computer terminology to help convey understanding in certain "fringe" topics.

I my self, as an IT specialist, and Lightworker, have found great use in certain terms.

The pineal gland is known for its mystical function, and its chemical makeup is unique.

I would like to introduce a thought that might help simplify any confusion.

The "new" common understanding of the pineal gland;

Think of your body as a PC, your "keyboard" is your thoughts. Your "network point" is your 3rd Eye.

The network point connects to the "hologram" or "source".

The key to accessing your "bio-technology" is very much down to your own experience, although a lot of us agree on certain basics.

The state of "unconditional love" for all life everywhere, this state is the beginning of your access point. Some people take countless lifetimes to reach a definite point, others can barely conceive life without expressing or acknowledging this basic truth.

The "silent place" is where you meet with your "inner" self. For this, cultures tend to have very clearly defined practices and principles regarding this ancient knowledge.
For basic understanding of this concept, meditation is generally regarded as the "inner practice", reaching that point can vary from simple to what may seem needlessly complicated, depending on who you ask.

For me, the idea of being peaceful and happy began to make more sense when I began learning how to use the greatest gift we all have, our breathing.

Can it really be that simple?

Most of us seem, and distressingly so, far too busy to go "within", maybe a really good holiday can begin to describe the beginning of the path, but once you know how to really go there, and rest your soul, it will most assuredly give way to complete transformation.

My first recommendations are, study breathing, learn how to really breath, and find the connection to "life-force"/"bio-plasmic discharge"/"prana"/"takyon" or "meridian"/"qi".
Find the place in your mind, in your heart, where you feel really good, well rested, ready for anything. It makes no difference what you imagine, it is all about the feeling.

Combine these two together and you will probably be a completely different person before you can even realize it.

Love and Light to ALL
I am honored, I AM


V Season 1 Episode 4 - Running With The Ball

The new and astonishingly popular show, Spielberg's V, what is it really?

I remember at about 11 years old, still trying to understand the world, and Spielberg's films were for the large part, helping me remember the world from the vaster/simpler perspective of the elements, as well as space and time.

At that time I decided to write a letter to Mr Spielberg, I looked around online and found an address, and sent it.

To put it shortly, I recommended he look into making a film about "The Rapture". There wasn't much hype about it at the time, but the Apocalyptic Pentecostals have always been hot on this, for centuries. At about 15 years old, I was neck-deep in that doctrine.

It was the only "exciting" thing about my spiritual journey at that point, as exciting as finding real dinosaurs, or ETs, no matter how scary, and Spielberg understood that!
The dance, the "Cosmic Joke", good ain't good without bad, and bad ain't bad without good.

Sadly the letter was rejected due to a lack of "Legal Representation". Being only 11, I thought I will have to find another way, maybe just wait till I meet him.

But what do we have here!? V!
The highest accumulated viewers of any 1st Episode, ever!
It was exactly what was needed, at the right time.

I applaud the team of writers and all involved in creating the emotional landscape, the age old idea of "how can we trust the unknown", perfectly meshed, interwoven like a chess board.
Well done!

The recent episode revealed an interesting idea that I have also had for a while. At the end, Anna takes position in a room, almost like a project paradise-esque prayer room, and telepathically sends a blessing to all her children. A "bliss" blessing.
Some indigenous peoples feel it, some city folk just stopped in the street and just enjoyed it.

But to all who felt it, it was good.

So I will run with this idea.

Imagine 2 city folk somehow finding their way to discuss it, I would imagine each would lend the experience to their beliefs or deities, not realizing the message behind the occurrence.

If culture, and 3D reality really is, as they say, up to us, then our beliefs would still block the understanding of the unknown, if we lend the concept to a state of fear.

For me, I have learned that searching for "the answer" is a step too far.
The question IS the answer.

If it is truth that we seek, and we agree that truth is accepted by all, why don't we do just that? Seek for the truth that we all agree on!

Would it still not rub hard on the edges of our stone-built, separated minds?

To put it simply, it would not matter if an advanced race decided to make themselves known to us if we cannot even agree on what to call them, or how to deal with the information.

What is far more important to me, is seeing a change in heart, the strength of the sacred journey, the untold attempts at nature showing us "the way", with a simple leaf, or a shell, the keys to all mathematics and science lie within.

How could we betray our own existence, our own coming into this world, denying the very mechanisms that allow for such a rich experience?

We can do this, we agree on something, we can crystallize a set of ideas and thoughts that leaves no man, woman, or child behind.

If I were not here, and I were looking from afar, watching humanity, I would most certainly say "there is no point in interfering, they have all the answers, because they have all the questions, now, they must come together and choose".

Love and Light to ALL
I am honored, I AM.


Words Of Encouragement In Times Of Chaos

"From an energetic standpoint, what happens to you in a given situation has more to do with your vibrational frequency, meaning the state of your consciousness, than where you are physically located.

 Thus, two people in the same location experiencing chaotic events can have vastly different emotional responses. Whereas one person might be paralyzed with fear, anger, and resentment, the other person might experience the moment as humorous. He or she "gets" the cosmic joke, which is the sudden and unexpected realization that the reality everyone experiences as "real" is nothing more than the fabrication of their own minds."



A Festive/Christmas Present To Yourself; Spiritual Insights Into Computer Programming

The days of scientists turning into monks
How could this be?
Is it really a mystery
Or is there a secret unveiled
For those with the eye
To see...


the message

the days of the smoking comedians,
what would jesus really do?

it takes a very brave man, who has been to hell and back, to stand up in front of a crowd, and pour his heart out

i was born in a town where somehow i was doing better than most. my father worked for an arabian prince, my mother, a mother.
my sister, the picture of an angel trying to be human.
i have experienced a happy life.
i remember the first time i was able to understand that my mother is not always by my side.

since then, i have watched creation try and find a way to balance out the unmistakable feeling of complete destruction, with the impossible to forget feeling, of a moment of pure, simple, perfect, peace.

i was finally mature enough to document this, at 23:23 6 November 2009 AD.

only when i am truly, sincerely, happy, can i experience peace.
peace is a moment we often forget how to appreciate, but it holds the key, to everything.

when finally, the thought occured to me, the closer i look into the face of the hell that exists on this earth, the more i realise that at this moment, right now, i am lucky. i am somehow able to laugh, able to enjoy a moment of enjoyment, even though i need only to look outside the window, a fellow man may be dying from the result of a moment of a nasty outbreak of harsh emotion. it is anyones guess to what may happen, in a city like london. most people know about the hard situations some of us go through.

yet somehow, we can all be sitting here, standing here, anyone who is able to hear my voice right now, you are the ears of this planet, you could do something right now, to change the world.

all it takes, is for you to decide to take a moment, and allow yourself to remember, the happiest moment of your life.

would you agree? at the moments before you learned of betrayal, how such a thing could exist?
surely we at this point in time, can we as a race of human beings, on planet earth, remember how it feels?

if it were possible, that a large amount of people, at one moment in time, could speak for us, the human race, and forgive the misguided ones, and agree that it is time we find a way to allow everyone, each and every human being, to be happy.

today i say this for the first time outside of 4 walls, so you may, if you wish, say it with us.

i am lucky, i am happy, and i wish this for everyone.

i reveal a secret to you, you are already aware of it, but you may have not noticed, so it may seem like a surprise to hear it.

the more you think about something, the more it becomes real to you.

the more you say this phrase, the more you think it, and allow yourself to really mean it, within the blink of an eye, your world will begin to agree with it.

if there is something you can think of, or do, or be, in this moment, that makes you happy, you owe it to yourself, to get as happy as you possibly can, remind yourself how it feels to really be happy.

once you remember, and you feel it in your body, think of this phrase, and every time you repeat this, you are asking the world to agree with you.

i am lucky, i am happy, and i wish this for everyone.

thank you for a moment to share with you

i am honoured, i am


Thoughts After Divine Cosmos Conference

What a weekend!

So much information, I am really glad I got clued up before I went, the energy in the room was so fantastic, so positive, that I was able to meditatively take in the lectures.

The music was so great, and I congratulate David for such a great feat, he must have sung about 15 songs, while lecturing all weekend!

What I found to be the high points were the mediation times, because ultimately that is what we need to do, and doing it together was a real treat.

2012 - Such a huge subject, and thanks to all of us, Hollywood has decided to capitalise on it, making it perfectly obvious that it has never been a case of "you watch too many movies mate!" its inverted! Hollywood will take any truth that seems interesting and put it on the screen, leaving the viewers unaware that the information comes from actual facts.

Yesterday I watched Flight of the Navigator, which was a Disney film.
One of my favourite films from my childhood, and I must say its still up there!
How can it not be! Complete Disclosure!!!

I was shocked! They even explain parts of the science behind hyper dimensional travel, the stuff I just learned the day before from the conference.


I would recommend it to anyone who has dreamed of flying without limits, and aware that most of the galaxy is friendly, and no threat what so ever.

To be updated....


Thoughts On 2012

About 8 years ago I began to research man made patterns on the ground, and modern man made objects that seem to have ancient links.

From this research I learned about the entire underground research community, that report news and information that is all public and available to anyone who would want to find it.

2012 was talked about back then, and the message hasn't changed, only more confusion for the masses and more clarity at the same time, for those in the know.

I am holding up my side as a watcher, and what I see is that major changes are happening, externally and internally.

I am so excited about the changes, and so happy with learning about the truth of the universe.

I believe 2012 indicates changes that we are all playing a part in, Christ spoke about it, and now the time has come to awaken.

Heaven is inside you, and you choose how you want it to be.

"Ye are Gods"

I believe at this point in time, RIGHT NOW, the road to the end of time has begun,

"I am with you always, even till the end of time".

I have begun my journey on understand the 6th sense, thought.

"Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil"

This verse is strong, its meaning has changed completely for me.

FEAR is the key word.

If I can walk down a dark evil path and not have any fear, that must mean that I witness the evil with fear-less-ness.

Just picture it, can you do it? Can you picture yourself walking down a dark pathway with the most horrific and terrible things going on around you?

I must say I would definitely be angry, but fear.....

Jesus gave 1 grand message, of love yourself and others.

Love is the complete opposite of fear.

Love is the highest vibration, if you research that kind of stuff.

Now, this is the key, and scientists everywhere are learning this too.

Check out the phantom DNA effect, and the phantom Leaf experiment.

Thought -> Feeling -> Emotion

If these 3 things are aligned properly and with INTENT, then "you will do greater things than these".

I believe Christ was talking to everyone.

I also believe the salvation gospel message is inside this pattern.

You cannot be saved if you are lying to yourself and pretending you believe something when deep inside you have questions that are still so important to you. ASK RELENTLESSLY.

Sometimes its the question (QUEST-I-OWN) that is your purpose.

This link seems to break over our lives going on to adulthood and forgetting about anything more than mere survival, but I will be the chosen one who breaks off the chains and runs back to the child WITHIN, to re-align with the world WITHOUT.

If this is confusing please let me know if you want more info.

Thanks for reading.

Whoever you are I love you the same.


Thoughts On Official Shape Of Things To Come Document (Web Bot Project - http://halfpasthuman.com/)

Shape Of Things To Come - Web Bot Project - http://halfpasthuman.com/

Background Play list

Devil Driver

I have never purchased or read a purchased version of the document until this time, due to this I feel it appropriate to include sense and feelings regarding this experience.

I will read and note-take simultaneously, please also note that I am reading this for the first time, with all of you.

The initial warning served as a "dark mirror" effect, almost like stroking a lion, feeling excitement. It basically describes the intensity of the document and the need to be aware of this and the effect it will have on the self, giving possible negative effects for an unprepared vessel.


Watch for Soy produce.
Since I have recently began to use Soya Milk I have noticed an obvious limit in my local superstores, after the 18:00 mark, soya milk is practically not supplied by the store, although I am talking about the fresh chilled cartons, not the shelved type.

This seems like an obvious restriction of stock, as most other popular products get a lot more replenishing on the shop floor during the day.

I will be keeping an eye out for this line of produce along side my "ones to watch" products such as hemp.


Paradigm Shift has been referenced, this means the initial intention of beginning the project has quite clearly linked in to other intentions.

Dollar is most likely going to be done with shortly, I suggest all those who use it begin thinking about self survival which leads to understanding humanity and the need to leave fossil fuel and all other disharmonious energy generation at bay.

Living in harmony with nature is the easiest, most pleasant and enriching way of life for all.


Pharmaceutical Revolution

This was mentioned at the bottom of a page, before I turn I think mainly of H1N1 or related issues - this will be the 911 of medicine, locking in the vibration.

Thinking of the scene in Blade II when the blood ceremony is happening. The blood drips through the purpose built rock patterns forming geometric lines that bring blood strains together.

Next page confirms fear sweats intended with relation to disinformation.

Swine flu referenced with connection to action taken on those who refuse medicines.
Revolt predicted on multi-national level. Possible domino effect from this, reacting in mass media attempts to shake the perception of power that is transferring back into the hands of the self.


Thought to Elites, consider your intentions, will the result match? I think the efforts are clearly based on the same efforts as previously encountered beings caught in dimensional fields.


Massive events unfolding, observation needed, in that world but not of it.


Temperature changes, good health advised.


Thought of death by tactical helicopter through bedroom window.


Jesse - different dogs of significance?


Grow your own food, be aware of tactical means to secure food growing.


Iran. Sending love from London.


Thought of rushing into bathroom trying to fill up bath tub, and tap flows at first but dies out quickly.


Fear-less-ness referenced, the first sign of spiritual awareness.


sitting in an office i am becoming cl...

sitting in an office i am becoming closer to my vibrational IAM.
i feel the vibrations of others around me.
the air shifts as my manager walks past me.
he just created wind.
that wind was the coolest breeze i have felt in this room all day.
refreshing and invigorating.
deeply in/deeply out
deep calls to deep.
go with the flow.

any opposition is unneccesary
everything is about chosing to go with the flow, or not.