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Shape Of Things To Come - Web Bot Project - http://halfpasthuman.com/

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I have never purchased or read a purchased version of the document until this time, due to this I feel it appropriate to include sense and feelings regarding this experience.

I will read and note-take simultaneously, please also note that I am reading this for the first time, with all of you.

The initial warning served as a "dark mirror" effect, almost like stroking a lion, feeling excitement. It basically describes the intensity of the document and the need to be aware of this and the effect it will have on the self, giving possible negative effects for an unprepared vessel.


Watch for Soy produce.
Since I have recently began to use Soya Milk I have noticed an obvious limit in my local superstores, after the 18:00 mark, soya milk is practically not supplied by the store, although I am talking about the fresh chilled cartons, not the shelved type.

This seems like an obvious restriction of stock, as most other popular products get a lot more replenishing on the shop floor during the day.

I will be keeping an eye out for this line of produce along side my "ones to watch" products such as hemp.


Paradigm Shift has been referenced, this means the initial intention of beginning the project has quite clearly linked in to other intentions.

Dollar is most likely going to be done with shortly, I suggest all those who use it begin thinking about self survival which leads to understanding humanity and the need to leave fossil fuel and all other disharmonious energy generation at bay.

Living in harmony with nature is the easiest, most pleasant and enriching way of life for all.


Pharmaceutical Revolution

This was mentioned at the bottom of a page, before I turn I think mainly of H1N1 or related issues - this will be the 911 of medicine, locking in the vibration.

Thinking of the scene in Blade II when the blood ceremony is happening. The blood drips through the purpose built rock patterns forming geometric lines that bring blood strains together.

Next page confirms fear sweats intended with relation to disinformation.

Swine flu referenced with connection to action taken on those who refuse medicines.
Revolt predicted on multi-national level. Possible domino effect from this, reacting in mass media attempts to shake the perception of power that is transferring back into the hands of the self.


Thought to Elites, consider your intentions, will the result match? I think the efforts are clearly based on the same efforts as previously encountered beings caught in dimensional fields.


Massive events unfolding, observation needed, in that world but not of it.


Temperature changes, good health advised.


Thought of death by tactical helicopter through bedroom window.


Jesse - different dogs of significance?


Grow your own food, be aware of tactical means to secure food growing.


Iran. Sending love from London.


Thought of rushing into bathroom trying to fill up bath tub, and tap flows at first but dies out quickly.


Fear-less-ness referenced, the first sign of spiritual awareness.

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