Thoughts On 2012

About 8 years ago I began to research man made patterns on the ground, and modern man made objects that seem to have ancient links.

From this research I learned about the entire underground research community, that report news and information that is all public and available to anyone who would want to find it.

2012 was talked about back then, and the message hasn't changed, only more confusion for the masses and more clarity at the same time, for those in the know.

I am holding up my side as a watcher, and what I see is that major changes are happening, externally and internally.

I am so excited about the changes, and so happy with learning about the truth of the universe.

I believe 2012 indicates changes that we are all playing a part in, Christ spoke about it, and now the time has come to awaken.

Heaven is inside you, and you choose how you want it to be.

"Ye are Gods"

I believe at this point in time, RIGHT NOW, the road to the end of time has begun,

"I am with you always, even till the end of time".

I have begun my journey on understand the 6th sense, thought.

"Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil"

This verse is strong, its meaning has changed completely for me.

FEAR is the key word.

If I can walk down a dark evil path and not have any fear, that must mean that I witness the evil with fear-less-ness.

Just picture it, can you do it? Can you picture yourself walking down a dark pathway with the most horrific and terrible things going on around you?

I must say I would definitely be angry, but fear.....

Jesus gave 1 grand message, of love yourself and others.

Love is the complete opposite of fear.

Love is the highest vibration, if you research that kind of stuff.

Now, this is the key, and scientists everywhere are learning this too.

Check out the phantom DNA effect, and the phantom Leaf experiment.

Thought -> Feeling -> Emotion

If these 3 things are aligned properly and with INTENT, then "you will do greater things than these".

I believe Christ was talking to everyone.

I also believe the salvation gospel message is inside this pattern.

You cannot be saved if you are lying to yourself and pretending you believe something when deep inside you have questions that are still so important to you. ASK RELENTLESSLY.

Sometimes its the question (QUEST-I-OWN) that is your purpose.

This link seems to break over our lives going on to adulthood and forgetting about anything more than mere survival, but I will be the chosen one who breaks off the chains and runs back to the child WITHIN, to re-align with the world WITHOUT.

If this is confusing please let me know if you want more info.

Thanks for reading.

Whoever you are I love you the same.

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