Thoughts After Divine Cosmos Conference

What a weekend!

So much information, I am really glad I got clued up before I went, the energy in the room was so fantastic, so positive, that I was able to meditatively take in the lectures.

The music was so great, and I congratulate David for such a great feat, he must have sung about 15 songs, while lecturing all weekend!

What I found to be the high points were the mediation times, because ultimately that is what we need to do, and doing it together was a real treat.

2012 - Such a huge subject, and thanks to all of us, Hollywood has decided to capitalise on it, making it perfectly obvious that it has never been a case of "you watch too many movies mate!" its inverted! Hollywood will take any truth that seems interesting and put it on the screen, leaving the viewers unaware that the information comes from actual facts.

Yesterday I watched Flight of the Navigator, which was a Disney film.
One of my favourite films from my childhood, and I must say its still up there!
How can it not be! Complete Disclosure!!!

I was shocked! They even explain parts of the science behind hyper dimensional travel, the stuff I just learned the day before from the conference.


I would recommend it to anyone who has dreamed of flying without limits, and aware that most of the galaxy is friendly, and no threat what so ever.

To be updated....

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  1. Beautiful....lovely picture as well. We indeed did have a truly magikal, unforgettable time.
    Loads of love
    Magenta Pixie xx