Bio Meta Expansion - The Pineal Gland

Many of us have been, from time to time, pressed to use modern computer terminology to help convey understanding in certain "fringe" topics.

I my self, as an IT specialist, and Lightworker, have found great use in certain terms.

The pineal gland is known for its mystical function, and its chemical makeup is unique.

I would like to introduce a thought that might help simplify any confusion.

The "new" common understanding of the pineal gland;

Think of your body as a PC, your "keyboard" is your thoughts. Your "network point" is your 3rd Eye.

The network point connects to the "hologram" or "source".

The key to accessing your "bio-technology" is very much down to your own experience, although a lot of us agree on certain basics.

The state of "unconditional love" for all life everywhere, this state is the beginning of your access point. Some people take countless lifetimes to reach a definite point, others can barely conceive life without expressing or acknowledging this basic truth.

The "silent place" is where you meet with your "inner" self. For this, cultures tend to have very clearly defined practices and principles regarding this ancient knowledge.
For basic understanding of this concept, meditation is generally regarded as the "inner practice", reaching that point can vary from simple to what may seem needlessly complicated, depending on who you ask.

For me, the idea of being peaceful and happy began to make more sense when I began learning how to use the greatest gift we all have, our breathing.

Can it really be that simple?

Most of us seem, and distressingly so, far too busy to go "within", maybe a really good holiday can begin to describe the beginning of the path, but once you know how to really go there, and rest your soul, it will most assuredly give way to complete transformation.

My first recommendations are, study breathing, learn how to really breath, and find the connection to "life-force"/"bio-plasmic discharge"/"prana"/"takyon" or "meridian"/"qi".
Find the place in your mind, in your heart, where you feel really good, well rested, ready for anything. It makes no difference what you imagine, it is all about the feeling.

Combine these two together and you will probably be a completely different person before you can even realize it.

Love and Light to ALL
I am honored, I AM

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