the message

the days of the smoking comedians,
what would jesus really do?

it takes a very brave man, who has been to hell and back, to stand up in front of a crowd, and pour his heart out

i was born in a town where somehow i was doing better than most. my father worked for an arabian prince, my mother, a mother.
my sister, the picture of an angel trying to be human.
i have experienced a happy life.
i remember the first time i was able to understand that my mother is not always by my side.

since then, i have watched creation try and find a way to balance out the unmistakable feeling of complete destruction, with the impossible to forget feeling, of a moment of pure, simple, perfect, peace.

i was finally mature enough to document this, at 23:23 6 November 2009 AD.

only when i am truly, sincerely, happy, can i experience peace.
peace is a moment we often forget how to appreciate, but it holds the key, to everything.

when finally, the thought occured to me, the closer i look into the face of the hell that exists on this earth, the more i realise that at this moment, right now, i am lucky. i am somehow able to laugh, able to enjoy a moment of enjoyment, even though i need only to look outside the window, a fellow man may be dying from the result of a moment of a nasty outbreak of harsh emotion. it is anyones guess to what may happen, in a city like london. most people know about the hard situations some of us go through.

yet somehow, we can all be sitting here, standing here, anyone who is able to hear my voice right now, you are the ears of this planet, you could do something right now, to change the world.

all it takes, is for you to decide to take a moment, and allow yourself to remember, the happiest moment of your life.

would you agree? at the moments before you learned of betrayal, how such a thing could exist?
surely we at this point in time, can we as a race of human beings, on planet earth, remember how it feels?

if it were possible, that a large amount of people, at one moment in time, could speak for us, the human race, and forgive the misguided ones, and agree that it is time we find a way to allow everyone, each and every human being, to be happy.

today i say this for the first time outside of 4 walls, so you may, if you wish, say it with us.

i am lucky, i am happy, and i wish this for everyone.

i reveal a secret to you, you are already aware of it, but you may have not noticed, so it may seem like a surprise to hear it.

the more you think about something, the more it becomes real to you.

the more you say this phrase, the more you think it, and allow yourself to really mean it, within the blink of an eye, your world will begin to agree with it.

if there is something you can think of, or do, or be, in this moment, that makes you happy, you owe it to yourself, to get as happy as you possibly can, remind yourself how it feels to really be happy.

once you remember, and you feel it in your body, think of this phrase, and every time you repeat this, you are asking the world to agree with you.

i am lucky, i am happy, and i wish this for everyone.

thank you for a moment to share with you

i am honoured, i am

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