Reverting to Our True Tones

When we say "freedom" the feeling associated with it for me is always easier to feel than to perceive and explain, its almost unnecessary because the intensity of the feeling leads me to think that anyone in close proximity, surely, felt something of this?

A given.


The Cold Spell

The idea that Mother Nature is swelling in this iced extravaganza throws me into a deep place.

"What is the Mother's message?"

Surely we have not given up on Her, the place where we used to love, no thing has changed, but ourselves.

I love the cold.
The frost.
The chill that drives me to learn.


Tip-toeing Through to the Knowing - Water Found on the Moon

It's interesting to me how the "water on the moon" story went almost completely over our heads.

I remember growing up we would get excited in school, thinking if they finally do find water, we can live there! So naturally I expected there to be parties and fireworks on the day of discovery.

Why did I feel that way?
Was it not important, when we first set foot on the moon?

One news outlet I came across spoke to NASA directly, they asked why it wasn't a breaking news story the moment it was found, and the man from NASA leaned to the idea that people just don't seem to have time to check and find out anymore. I giggled, its true on so many levels.

I was thinking of posting a link to the news story, but I think, if you feel you need to check the proof of this fact, it means you hadn't seen it prior to this moment.

It will be interesting to see which media outlet gets most attention based on what might still be considered a "rumor". I would love to hear from anyone who wants to share their findings.



the tidal aspect

From Evernote:

the tidal aspect

as i site here,
the choices swirling,
the curse of the blessing,
it awakens like a spark.

the inversion,
the consequence,

this atom

i am filled,
but to what cause?

i am whole,
as whole as clarity can permit.

as for gauze
he knows the path unfolding
although withered
is the depth of the knowledge needed

for the reason


Redefinition of MAN

The other day I had a daydream, where for some reason I got famous, possibly from an artistic piece that I was involved with that caught the public eye.
Anyway, due to this, I ended up being interviewed on a prime-time segment, think SNL.

I'm chatting away, explaining the project, "milking it" as I had been guided to do, and bit by bit, I realize, I am slowly becoming aware of what I can only describe as deep admiration coming from the audience.

As if they knew me, completely!
And then, the most peculiar thing happened.

I could tell that the interviewer was burning to ask a specific question, about my sexuality, and it kind of jumped out of her...

"are you gay?"

I start chuckling, I had not heard that word for many years.

"well, that depends on your definition of "gay"...

The crowd went wild.

1 full MAN is male and female, sexual preference will always need to acknowledge this basic concept.

The road gladdens the obsessed ghost.