Redefinition of MAN

The other day I had a daydream, where for some reason I got famous, possibly from an artistic piece that I was involved with that caught the public eye.
Anyway, due to this, I ended up being interviewed on a prime-time segment, think SNL.

I'm chatting away, explaining the project, "milking it" as I had been guided to do, and bit by bit, I realize, I am slowly becoming aware of what I can only describe as deep admiration coming from the audience.

As if they knew me, completely!
And then, the most peculiar thing happened.

I could tell that the interviewer was burning to ask a specific question, about my sexuality, and it kind of jumped out of her...

"are you gay?"

I start chuckling, I had not heard that word for many years.

"well, that depends on your definition of "gay"...

The crowd went wild.

1 full MAN is male and female, sexual preference will always need to acknowledge this basic concept.

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