UK Police Drones - Is An Observable Demonstration Enough?

Recently I have felt more and more, that mature human beings have crossed over to the newer way off perceiving information.

This is a great example - Police Drones

Rather than the usual comments like; 
"Oh that's horrible, they can spy from our windows now"
"thank goodness, the druggies in my area will be gone over night",

You see nowadays people are getting smarter, and assessing the possibilities associated with information, rather than focusing on a default possibility.

I have heard comments like; "how will the police take advantage of this?"

It's no longer important what people do with information, if the information empowers good and evil, what becomes the pressing point is, who has acquired this information.

Most of the time a person will put information into the good or bad box in their mind, after that it would take a hugely intense experience to give even a hint of a need to re-assess such decision, about anything!

The press has allowed us with this news, to invite the possibilities associated with the police flying remote controlled, ultra precise, camera equipped air vehicles that you would not know about until the handcuffs are on you.

Thank you, press.

Police, protectors of peace, let's see what you do with the new toy, kind of like a Ferrari on the A40.

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