Touching Base

As I am sure many of us have already started feeling the acceleration surrounding our every day lives, I will use the term "awakening" as I think its widely embraced. We will all have similarities in our experiences, and, the flip-side is that we will all have those times when our journey though awakening, when it almost seems that no one can relate to you.

The idea, for me, being that we need to learn to embrace both ends of the fullness of the spectrum we call, light.

It's one thing for me, when I was taken back to an earlier time, to actually see and confirm for myself my reasons for feeling good about being here this time around.
It's another thing, once balanced and harmonised, for me to walk into my chosen path, responsible and upright, and keep my friends, I never heard of it being achieved!

I will say this, the idea of "flow" is very important for me, it helps to keep my focus. Although I love to spend time enjoying all the changes and new space I have made (inside and out)., the pattern I have observed is that if I acknowledge to myself what I need to do, and then I don't do it, NATURE WILL ALWAYS LEND A HAND TO REMIND ME.